Michael Schreck


CEO / Co-Founder

Through Michael Schreck's passion for college sports, Collegiate Sports Management Group was established with the vision to support all athletic programs

Ray Katz


COO / Co-Founder

You can say Ray Katz has an education in sports with over 25 years experience in the industry with leaderships roles across elite professional teams and leagues. He brings a wealth of experience to CSMG

Neil Malvone


EVP / Business Affairs and Strategic Partnerships

Before joining Collegiate Sports Management Group, Neil founded Cutting Edge Sports Management, a management and event planning company, a strategic partner of CSMG. He now brings this event and content platform as well as a breadth of experience to CSMG and our partners.

Dr. Harvey Schiller


Chairman and Investor

Previously served as Chairman and CEO of YankeeNets, an integrated sports-based media company with ownership of the New York Yankees, New York Nets, and New Jersey Devils. Dr. Schiller served as President of Turner Sports, Inc., a division of Time Warner; and President and Governor of the NHL franchise, the Atlanta Thrashers


CSMG is committed to helping improve the business performance of Collegiate Athletic Conferences / Schools and Providing them with a successful growth strategy with regards to branding, attracting a higher quantity and quality of applicants, and generating revenue to support their athletic department.