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The CECC is a national stage and a seasonal conclusion for hundreds of students – and those that stand behind them.  As the CECC brings a crown to some of the most competitive teams in the country, EsportsU also seeks to recognize the achievements of communities and individuals that give selflessly and completely for others.

We are proud to announce the EsportsU Collegiate Awards as a new initiative to support this cultural mission from EsportsU and CSMG.

Presented live on May 6th and 7th at the largest stage in North America at Esports Stadium Arlington, the CECC will present awards honoring the following categories:


1.      CECC School of the Year

2.      Program of the Year

3.      Club of the year

4.      Coach of the Year


1.      Program Impact Award

2.      Club Impact Award

4.      Community Ambassador Award

5.      Club President of the Year

6.      Director of the Year

As a member of the larger college esports community, EsportsU is committed to acknowledging these deserving achievements in a community-focused and collaborative manner.  EsportsU is looking for leaders in the space to join a volunteer-based committee to help discover, elevate, and acknowledge the best of the best.


This committee is a non-paid volunteer role.  Obligations include a commitment to bi-weekly discussion, timely communication, and active participation.  Committee members will be selected on or prior to March 20th and will be announced publicly.  Committee activity and participation will be held remote via discord.

Disclosure & Panel Integrity:

Any individual that applies for a role on the committee must disclose all notable conflicts of interest and affiliations as they pertain to award categories.

  • Committee members may not nominate themselves or their representing or affiliated interests for any category.
  • Committee members are able to nominate individuals or organizations however they must disclose any affiliated or conflicting interests to the committee board.
  • Committee members may be nominated for an award category, provided the nomination is presented by (2) other Committee members.
  • Committee members must abstain from Finalist voting in any category in which they or an affiliated or conflicting interest is present
The CECC Award Panel applications will be reviewed by the EsportsU team between March 10th and March 17th.  The number of seats on the Panel will be proportional and determinate by the quantity and quality of applications received.  Eligibility is determined solely by the quality of the individual and the application – participation or affiliation with EsportsU or the CECC is not required nor is a factor in determining eligibility.  EsportsU reserves the right to accept or deny applications for any reason


EsportsU is looking for leaders in the space to join a volunteer-based committee to help discover, elevate, and acknowledge the best of the best.

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