About Us

CSMG is a “College Properties Group” that drives the business performance of collegiate athletic conferences and schools, providing them with a successful growth strategy, and generating revenue to support their athletic departments and initiatives. CSMG specializes in Marketing Rights/Revenue Generation, Content Creation and Distribution, Media Rights Strategy and Negotiation, Sponsorship Sales and Event Marketing/Management. 

CSMG works with the conferences/school’s athletics department to help promote and glorify the true student-athlete, emphasizing the importance of athletes having well-rounded excellence with respect to ADEPT capabilities.

  • Academic achievement
  • Development of leadership/teamwork skills
  • Engagement in the community
  • Preparation beyond the collegiate experience
  • Teamwork and Competition in athletics

This college platform goes well beyond reaching college students, alumni, and other college fans, and is focused on engaging them in a two-way dialogue, in some cases by allowing these constituents to create/curate/determine the actual content, participants’ recognition and awards.


CSMG is committed to helping improve the business performance of Collegiate Athletic Conferences / Schools and Providing them with a successful growth strategy with regards to branding, attracting a higher quantity and quality of applicants, and generating revenue to support their athletic department.